How To Infuse More Natural Light Into Your Home

The Benefits of Natural Light

Natural light changes the entire atmosphere in a home. When was the last time that you walked into a poorly lit room and felt warm and happy? I’ll bet the answer is never. Proper natural lighting creates a warm ambience, making a home feel comfortable and homey.

Well illuminated rooms make your home feel bigger.

Natural light has a way of fooling the eye to make a room feel more airy and spacious. Increasing the amount of natural light in your home will make it feel a lot bigger.


Health Benefits

Natural sunlight also has great health benefits. It is essential for human beings to thrive. Our skin, eyes, hair and overall well-being need natural sunlight to be healthy. Natural light is also very therapeutic and is essential for people’s overall mental health.

How to include more natural sunlight into your home.

Keep your windows clean

Dirty windows block a lot of sunlight from filtering into the room. Cleaning your windows from dust and dirt that accumulated on them will allow more natural sunlight into the room.

Repaint the walls

The paint colors of a room have an effect on the amount of light that is noticeable as well as how it’s dispersed throughout a room. Lighter shades of paint reflect the light that comes in. Darker colors of paint don’t reflect light that well, making the room feel darker. White paint around the window trims helps more light filter in as well.

Choose Lightweight Drapes

Maximize the light coming in through your windows by installing window treatments that allow the sun to filter through. Thick drapery, heavy blinds and layered fabric curtains keep out a lot of natural sunlight. Instead, install lighter weight fabrics such as linen and cotton to maximize the amount of sun filtering into the room.

Add Reflective Decorative Elements

Reflective surfaces bounce light around the room and give the impression of more light. Hanging a mirror on the wall opposite or adjacent to a window reflects the light around different areas of the room. Experiment with the mirror in different areas of the room to ensure that the light doesn’t shine in people’s eyes before installing it.

Other reflective items like glass tabletops and chrome increase the flow of light in a room as well. Mirrored furniture is a great option as well and serves dual purposes.  It provides a decorative element and reflects natural sunlight in the room.

Install a tubular skylight

Regular skylights are quite expensive and often cause problems such as rainwater leakage. Tubular skylights are a great alternative and are more budget friendly. They reflect light into your home via a tube that’s about 18” wide, that’s installed in the roof. The costs for installation are minimal. A tubular skylight brings the warming rays of the sun directly into your home.

What other tips have you found to bring more natural light into your home?