How To Incorporate Colored Lighting

Add Colored Lighting to Your Decorations

With the holidays almost upon us, there are many occasions to decorate your home. Add colored lights your holiday decorations and add a sense of drama to your party’s décor. Colored bulbs are available in a variety of colors to match your party’s theme.

General Lighting

Replacing your regular light bulbs with colored ones will add a wow factor to your décor for an event or party. Colored bulbs are not recommended for general lighting for long use. However, if you love the look and want to incorporate colored lighting for everyday use, such as pink lighting for a girl’s room, its best to use opaque lights. They emit a softer light with less glare than translucent bulbs. 

Decorative Lighting

Colored bulbs are not only used for parties or events. Add a sense of drama to a focal point you want to highlight in your home such as artwork, or any other feature you want to stand out. Colored lighting is often used outdoor as well, to illuminate swimming pools, landscape bullets and patio fixtures.

Create A Mood

There are many scientific studies that show how color affects people’s moods. Certain colors can lift or dampen people’s moods. Colored lighting sets a tone in a room. Blue lighting creates a calming ambiance Purple lighting sets a romantic tone. Red is emotionally intense.

Colored bulbs are available in all lighting technologies including incandescent, CFL, Halogen and LED. They’re available in many style bulbs as well. No matter the application, there are options that will suit your needs.

What do you like to use colored lighting for?