PAR versus R type bulbs. What’s the difference?

What do PAR,  BR and R stand for?

PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector.  BR stands for Bulged Reflector. R stands for Reflector.

What do the numbers after PAR,  BR and R mean?

The number indicates the diameter of the lamp  in terms of 1/8th of an inch. For example a PAR20 is 1/8 x 20 or 2.5” across. A BR30 is 1/8 x 30 or 3.75”.

Common Misconception

There’s a common misconception that PAR bulbs are intended for outdoor use and that R types bulbs are for indoor use. It actually all depends on the application you are using it in and what you would like the light appearance to look like.

How Do Black Lights Work?

You've probably seen black lights in laser tag arenas, while venturing through narrow passageways of a haunted house, in science museums and Halloween displays. Black lights may look similar to regular lamps, but actually serve a very different purpose.


A black light, also referred to as a UV-A light or an ultraviolet light emits ultraviolet light and not much visible light. When you turn on a black light in a room what you can see is a purple glow. You cannot see the ultraviolet light that the lamp is also producing. Black lights have a dark blue optical filtering material in the glass envelope of the lamp which blocks most of the visible light, so that the lamp emits mostly ultraviolet.


Black lights are used in various applications and serve many different purposes. Switch one on to make teeth, white clothes and various other things glow in the dark. The glow it produces requires a source of ultraviolet light and asurface coated with UV-reactive phosphors. UV-reactive phosphors can be found in all kinds of things including soap, highlighters, rocks and teeth.


Update Your Lighting on a Budget

In today’s day and age people often browse Houzz and Pinterest for the latest lighting design trends. Filled with pictures of homes featuring LED lighting and high end fixtures, many people think that updating their lighting is always a costly project.  While it would be ideal if everyone could update their spaces with LED lighting and high end chandeliers, realistically those options are way out of many people’s budgets.  Fortunately there are many budget friendly ways to update your lighting.

Under Cabinet

Expensive under cabinet lighting is not in your budget? Consider installing self-adhesive puck lights. They provide ample lighting for brightening up counters, providing proper illumination for food prep. Installing the lights at the front of your cabinet and not near the wall will ensure that the light is evenly distributed over the entire counter. Puck lights are also a great option for lighting above the sink area, a dark drawer or cupboard corners.

Press Release - Sunlite Sponsors Bulbs for DIY Giant Light Ring

Sunlite is on a mission to revolutionize lighting in various industries. Our goal is to ensure that each industry utilizes the lighting technology that is best suited for the applications applicable to them. Each industry has unique requirements, and with the proper knowledge, the lighting used can produce the precise effects necessary for the task at hand.

Dani Diamond is a fashion, landscape and portrait photographer in New York City. He is a featured writer for Fstoppers, an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers and creative professionals. His work is well known for its immaculate attention to detail and the utter perfection he creates with his subjects and landscapes. Dani not only illuminates the beauty and essence of his subjects, but he also allows the viewer to feel like they are getting a breath of fresh air.

Bringing Out the Design Elements in Your Dining Room

Layering Dining Room Lighting

The dining room of today fulfills multiple functions. What used to be a room dedicated for formal, elegant dining has transformed into a room with multiple functions, reflecting our ever changing lifestyles. With many homes now featuring open floor plans, with kitchens overlooking the dining room, or a dining room that leads directly into the living room area, dining rooms are now used for casual dining, formal dining, homework, crafts, a space to hold a meeting, a study area and more.

With so many varying functions, in order to ensure a comfortable atmosphere you need to balance the light. This can be accomplished by creating an even spread of light throughout the room.  The best way to achieve this balance is to layer the light sources.

Keep Unwanted Bugs Away

It’s summertime and the weather is beautiful. You set out to start a fabulous barbecue outside on your deck with gourmet hot dogs, burgers, potato salad and some good old American apple pie on the menu. You’ve suddenly got an intrusion of swarms of bugs.

Sound familiar? Luckily there is a solution that doesn’t involve bug swatters, bug zappers or citronella candles. Yellow colored light bulbs are designed to keep away unwanted bugs. 

Antique Collection


Brooklyn, NY / July 16, 2014 / Today's eclectic decors demand innovative approaches to lighting. Many design plans are calling for the look and feel of the antique lighting of yesterday, but want the energy saving and modern manufacturing technologies of today. Sunlite, a leader in the wholesale distribution of high quality lighting, has managed to marry the aesthetics of early 20th century lighting with the latest energy efficient technology to create the perfect lighting solution to meet current market trends.

Utilizing designs from the past and crafted meticulously from the finest materials, Sunlite's Antique Lighting Collection was produced to blend with a wide variety of home and office décors. The look of the early days of the light bulb, when Edison was creating what was considered the most advanced technology of the time, is beautifully replicated in this collection. The Antique Edison bulbs feature gold flecks, flame tips and retro radio styles.

Lighting Your Kitchen the Right Way

Lighting is usually the last thing considered when designing or remodeling a kitchen, when in fact it is an essential aspect of a kitchen’s design and functionality. The most common mistake made is trying to illuminate a kitchen with one light source which does not provide sufficient lighting for a working kitchen. Properly lighting a kitchen requires installing various layers. The layers include Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting, Accent Lighting and Decorative Lighting.

Ambient Lighting provides the overall lighting for your kitchen and can be accomplished with recessed lighting. Recessed lighting has many advantages over other lighting options. Built into the ceiling, it spreads an even light over the area, is subtle and complements any décor style. It gives off a soft glow which blurs the boundaries of the room, creating the illusion of more space. Additionally recessed lighting is installed once and the bulbs last for many years. With the introduction of LED downlights to the market, lasting 50,000 hours, recessed lighting can be virtually maintenance free.